Time Management during your literature review

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Time management is a big deal when it comes to the literature review. Getting the most out of the time we have is essential, especially when we are busy with 1001 things.   Time management is also complicated. It can often seem like it’s the answer to all our problems. If only we had more time, […]

How to win 16 times per day

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That’s 112 times per week, around 496 times per month and 5840 times per year. Not bad right? Winning is really important when we’re writing. When we feel like we’re achieving and getting somewhere, we always feel motivated to do more. It also prevents us from falling into a depression of procrastination when we don’t […]

The benefits of writing 10,000 words per day

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As quite often happens, I was moved and inspired by a recent post by Inger on The Thesis Whisperer blog entitled “How to write 10,000 words per day“. Now to start with, this is quite a controversial idea so I want to clarify how I interpret this title. It doesn’t mean, “how to produce a […]

Have you failed before you started?

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I’m talking about goal setting. In January, the vast majority of us set off on life changing journeys. We make decisions and set hopes of achieving big things for the year ahead. On the first day of January, we run out of the proverbial gate, our hearts and minds full of inspiration and motivation. We […]

The big and scary D-word

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An issue that I’ve been going through with some of my students recently is discipline. For all the productivity and writing help I give – it won’t amount to anything if we aren’t disciplined enough to apply it. It’s also true that without any help or guidance, if you are disciplined enough to continually face […]

Crowdsourcing your motivation with Academic Writing Month

Wow, it’s nearly November already and I’m reminded of how quickly time flies. November is always a great time of year for writers, ever since National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) started in 1999. Anyone from around the world with a novel inside them will sit down and write a 50,000 word draft of a novel […]