The big and scary D-word

Ballet dancer shoes - gold

An issue that I’ve been going through with some of my students recently is discipline. For all the productivity and writing help I give – it won’t amount to anything if we aren’t disciplined enough to apply it. It’s also true that without any help or guidance, if you are disciplined enough to continually face […]

Crowdsourcing your motivation with Academic Writing Month

Wow, it’s nearly November already and I’m reminded of how quickly time flies. November is always a great time of year for writers, ever since National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) started in 1999. Anyone from around the world with a novel inside them will sit down and write a 50,000 word draft of a novel […]

How long is a lit review sentence?

how long is a literature review sentence

Have you ever thought about how long a sentence in your literature review should be? When I started writing I didn’t at all. I didn’t care and I thought it didn’t matter. A sentence is as long as it needs to be right? The important thing is that you convey your idea so the length […]

Productivity gimmicks: Good or Bad?

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There is so much productivity advice out there. I talk a lot about productivity here despite the sole purpose of this site being to help you with your literature review. Let’s face it though, productivity is very important. If we can squeeze more out of what we have, whether it’s time or energy, then we […]

Exercise to help develop your writer’s voice

Can you hear me?

The writer’s voice. For me it’s the holy grail of academic writing. I always look to Pat Thomson’s blog for advice on this topic and also just to draw inspiration from the way that she writes and really takes control of her subject. The writer’s voice is how position yourself in the text that you […]

Lessons from Nobel Prize winners

Nobel Medal

So people on my email list know that I work in Sweden, but they may not know that I work at the Karolinska Institute. This is a really cool place to work for many reasons, however the biggest is that here is where they decide the Nobel Prizes each year for Medicine and Physiology. As […]