A scary productivity tip that I never had the guts to try

Nuclear missile in silo

I had this idea a while back now. When things were looking pretty bleak and I couldn’t get any writing done. As soon as I thought of it, I knew that my productivity had to improve – or there would be definite consequences. It was a scary thought, and actually the threat of maybe having to do this was enough to get me writing again. That’s my excuse for not trying it anyway, and I’m sticking to it (I’m not really, I was just too much of a wimp to try it!). So what is this panic inducing tip I hear you cry…

The musical double edged sword: An interview with Stephanie Bramley

sheet music and guitar

This is an interview with Stephanie from stephbramleyphdblog.blogspot.com I don’t want to give too much of an intro because it’s a long post and most of it is explained further down the page. I just want to say that I was really happy when Stephanie contacted me, especially because she had a different opinion to […]

Have you had “the conversation”?

two people having a conversation about the literature review

Are you having trouble finding the right order to put the ideas in your literature review? Does all the literature buzzing around in your head overwhelm you? Do you wish someone could just explain it to you in a simple and easy to understand way? Well the good news is you’re normal! It’s not unusual […]

10 signs that busy work is killing your literature review

busy work can kill your literature review

Busy work. The noisy, obnoxious, in-your-face killer of all things productive. But it’s also sneaky and devious. If you ever realise you’ve been doing busy work, you don’t notice until after the event. Sometimes, you don’t notice at all. The horrible thing about busy work is that nothing good comes out of it. In the best case scenario you waste your time and energy doing something completely useless. Worst case scenario you end up making more work for yourself and destroying some productive work that you have already done.