Podcast Episode 2: Fallacious arguments with Don Lindsay

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  This is a great podcast episode (even if I say so myself). If you go into Google and type “fallacious arguments” Don Lindsay will appear at (or very close to) the top of your screen. He shows up in the search even before Wikipedia which shows how popular his resource is. On his website, […]

Why don’t you give yourself a chance to be an amazing writer?

You probably underestimate yourself

Many people I’ve spoken to have a very negative view of their own ability. I’m sure I do to, however I know mine has improved a lot. The fact is this is not just a horrible way to feel but it can genuinely affect your performance. Consistently thinking that you can’t do something or that […]

New Blog Design

Lots of great changes are around the corner

So here you are at my new Blog. I’ve bought a new theme to allow me to make changes more easily, and to make it look a bit better too. The thin end of the wedge However, this design is the first part of a number of changes that you will see at Literature Review […]