How to find your theme with a literature review matrix

literature review theme from a literature review matrix

The literature review matrix is an incredibly useful tool. Again I’m indebted to my good friend Jenn (mastermind behind My Studious Life, and one of the very talented writers behind the #AcWri twitter group) for putting me onto the idea. One of the reasons for this post is a message from Kelsey (@Minnie_488) on Twitter. […]

Is your literature review like an Olympic sport?

Literature review olympic symbol

Ok so the Olympics is over (booo). It has certainly been my main method of procrastination over the last few weeks. I don’t know why, but I found myself yet again drawing parallels between something completely unrelated, and the literature review. The usual warning applies here, this is probably a bit geeky and weird so […]

Guest Post: No time for literature review? Outsource it

outsourcing literature review

This is a guest post from Julio Peironcely from Next Scientist. Bio Julio Peironcely is the founder of the blog Next Scientist and a PhD student at Leiden University. Julio helps scientists with blogging and social media. Grab his videotutorial on How To Create A Science Blog. We all know reading papers and writing a […]