Twitter: Is it just a procrastinators best friend?


If you’re even mildly inclined to procrastinate on a given day, Twitter could well be the place to do it. There is loads going on and it’s very easy to follow up on a whole array of tweets, that seem helpful at first, but then quickly deteriorate into full blow procrastination. You can check out […]

15 Things you should give up NOW to improve your literature review

Putting it off Don’t delay any more. You’ll find it so much easier to write once you’ve actually started. Even if this is a token, 25 minute Pomodoro, it will get you’ll in the mood and you’ll face less mental resistance. Complaining Come on now. We all like a bit of a moan and sometimes […]

Do you need instant gratification and is it suffocating your progress?

Can you have your literature review cake and eat it?

Studying or working in academia means that we appreciate deferred gratification. That is we are prepared to wait for pleasure in the future and work hard now. At times we have to sacrifice a lot. We don’t see friends, we don’t go out, we don’t even watch TV. We don’t do things because we know […]