literature review hq Ben nametagFor a moment, if you can imagine me 6 months before I was due to hand in my doctoral thesis. I had spent my entire PhD collecting data. Discussing and writing about hypotheses and results. Learning more and more about my field. I was preparing to write my thesis and I knew all about data analysis and discussion. I’d been practicing for years. Then came the literature review…

I realised that I had spent none of my time during my PhD reviewing the literature! This sounds like an outrageous statement but it’s actually true for most people. Sure, I read articles, I skimmed abstracts but I never got to grips with the literature in a useful way. I never truly understood the literature in my field or how to synthesise this literature into a logical and critical review. It was in for a very steep learning curve…

But learn I did. Lots of trial and error later and I found a bunch of techniques that really helped me on my long literature review journey. Those techniques are what this blog is all about. I want to help you to overcome the exact hurdles that I did, but without having to go through all of the trial and error first.

So whether you’re a veteran or you’re just starting out, I’m very happy to have you on my site and I hope that you gain something from it. Some people are just happy to skim the articles on here now and again. The articles are designed so that you can pick up useful tips from them. However if you want more, make sure you sign up to my email newsletter.
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