Follow this literature review example to guarantee success

literature review example

Sceptics will tell you that magic bullets don’t exist. I can tell you that they’re wrong. In this article, I’m going to give you an example literature review that will guarantee your success. All you have to do is read it, fill in the blanks and add your own references. Are you ready… … Are […]

What did the paragraph say to the guy in front?

literature review hq

That sounds like the start to a joke. I just sat here for 30 minutes trying to think of something clever to follow, but I can’t. How about, why did the paragraph cross the road? Sorry, still got nothing. Anyway… The question is to make you think about how your paragraphs communicate with one another. […]

Just heartbreaking


I felt physically sick and my eyes welled up immediately. It’s exactly the same every time I open it. “IT” is only a webpage. In fact, it is only a list of names. It’s a long list of Iraqi academics who died for their right to express their academic freedom. They were murdered for a […]

What is the most productive way to spend a vacation?

laptop deckchair

Strange question right? I mean, why do you want to be productive while on holiday? Surely you just want to relax, spend time with friends and family and do all those things that you enjoy the most. This is obviously great, you should take breaks from work and you should enjoy yourself. However, holidays represent […]

What a nobel laureate told me about the literature review

Nobel Medal

I was extremely privileged this year to be able to attend the Nobel Lectures in Physiology and Medicine. It was an incredible experience. For one, I’ve never seen academics treated like rock stars before! The applause these guys got was rapturous when they came into the lecture theatre. Cameras snapped and an air of electric […]

The key to a good lit review is a damn sharp axe

Log with axe

Whaaaaat? Yes another crazy and seemingly irrelevant blog post! That doesn’t sound like something I’d do… Anyway… I recently heard a quote again a few days ago and like often happens to me now, I thought to myself, “that fits perfectly to the literature review!” If you’ve read my blog post about how the crime […]

Does your reader think you’re an amateur?

Incredible = unbelievable

An expert in your field only needs to glance at your literature review to come to this conclusion. So do you look like an amateur to your reader? Does the person reviewing your paper think you don’t know what you’re talking about? Does your supervisor think you’re not even trying? Writing an incredible Lit Review […]

How to become THE writing expert in your group

writing expert

Go to the library and pick up a “how-to” academic writing book. Read the first chapter. There you go. Wasn’t that hard was it? Apologies for being flippant but my point is simply that, the bar isn’t as high as you think. All it takes is a little bit of study to realise that generally, […]

The Literature Review plot twist I still don’t fully understand

watching a movie

This is reaction from my webinar training with Ashley Kelly. She just blew my mind with an email the day before the webinar saying, “What I’d like to talk about a little, in addition to some practical strategies, is the importance of seeing content and form as not so distinct. That is, the importance of […]