Selfish Lit Review Karma

lit review karma

We all know the general principles of Karma, right? If we help somebody else we will get help back in return. The same is obviously true for writing, if we help our peers to write better then they will help us when we need extra guidance and support. This is all well and good but, […]

In defence of productivity porn

productivity porn lit review hq

Productivity porn has a bad reputation and for good reason. It’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing when it comes to procrastination. It comes up to you promising to be the answer to all your productivity problems but under the surface, it’s just a huge black hole waiting to devour your time and energy. Productivity porn […]

Why you should be prepared to scrap it all

literature review

We get very attached to our words. It’s understandable too, it takes such a long time to write them that the thought of deleting them is frankly unbearable. However, this notion that words are so precious and rare is very detrimental to our overall progress. I used to think that the words on the page […]

Organisation: The age old procrastination tool


Nearly everyone I speak to who’s doing the literature review seems to have a lot on their plate. They have so much to do that they are rarely every doing one thing at a time. Let’s face it, the literature review on its own is quite has lots of different facets to it. There’s the […]

Why you can and you should make a contribution to your field

Is the literature review just an exercise? Is it something we have to do in order to receive our doctorate or another paper on the CV? Sure. It could be. I think the literature review for my thesis was like this. But you know what? These are incredibly hard lit reviews to write. On the […]

Avoiding the blank screen of death

blank screen

I’ve been undertaking a number of big writing projects recently. It’s funny how nearly 3 years after starting this blog about academic writing how many of my habits have changed… and how some have not changed so much! I’m writing this because I noticed recently how much of an aversion I have to the blank […]

Write something different

Write something different

This post is related to last weeks post about listening to audiobooks. It occurred to me recently how much this blog has helped me in my academic writing. I can’t say how much it has contributed to the quality, but it has certainly helped with the techniques and the motivation of getting going with writing. […]

Are audiobooks the key to better writing?

Young man listening to audiobook

Strange question I know. But even stranger is what I noticed after I got an Audible subscription for Christmas. I’ve been listening to audiobooks non-stop since. It’s pretty addictive. Sometimes it’s a nice change to listen to a book instead of reading. It’s more convenient too. You can do it on the commute to work, […]