Podcast Episode 2: Fallacious arguments with Don Lindsay



This is a great podcast episode (even if I say so myself). If you go into Google and type “fallacious arguments” Don Lindsay will appear at (or very close to) the top of your screen. He shows up in the search even before Wikipedia which shows how popular his resource is. On his website, he has collected a list of 93 fallacious arguments which can all be used to help you better critically evaluate research articles and to write better.

A fallacious argument is a line of reasoning (or not as the case maybe) where the logic is flawed, wrong or simply non-existent. One of the ways of improving your critical reading is to be able to recognise when a piece of writing has asserted something that may not be true based on the facts that are presented. If you listen to the podcast, and read the fallacies on Don Lindsay’s website you will improve your critical evaluation of arguments.

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